Behind the Door....a Betrayal of Trust

We were dismayed by the front page story of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last Sunday: DRUG DEALERS USE CHILD CARE AS FRONT
Reading the details, we never anticipated that we could use "homicidal crime boss" in the same sentence as "daycare" and "exploration of vernacular architecture." Apparently the $340,000,000 annual budget for Wisconsin Shares and some "regulatory gaps" facilitated the severing of a basic human contract between parent, child and caregiver.
Subsequent articles itemize the discoveries of the state auditors.


skippity do

We've been watching the short documentary film "In The Street" filmed by Helen Levitt, Janice Loeb, James Agee. Here's what we found on our streets....


Human Rights Day

Article 26 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the General Assemby of the United Nations in 1948 declares that parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.

As we drive through the economically striated neighborhoods of Milwaukee, the choices have a flavor all their own.

Read the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Living in Destiny

With last night's first snowfall, this scene in the window of the Living in Destiny Daycare, Empowered Child Curriculum, makes me hope for an enlightened spring.


Daycare International

As we prepare for December 6, St. Nicholas Day.

Open Arms....Close Doors

Open Arms Academy was stripped bare last week. Daycares, which I habitually pass at 30 miles per hour, are bright flowers on the urban wallpaper. They are fixtures in my peripheral vision until they disappear and prompt me to contemplate how and why "all things are always changing" and wonder "now what are they thinking!?" We offer a decisive moment in social history.