Summer with Deardorff

This summer we're shooting childcare establishments with the Deardorff. Parallel lines are so calming!

Center Street, Lil' Rascals (left) and Rock a Bye Baby (center)

Inspiration from the East

Photographer Anoek Steketee, has recently completed her book, Dream City, photographs of amusement parks around the world. Another document of human aspirations creating startling landscapes.

Nanhu, China

Eugene's Park II
Kigali City Park, Rwanda

Turkmenbashi's World of Fairytales, Turkmenistan

Inspiration from the past

Eugene Atget (1857-1927) photographed Paris and environs in a pedestrian age. His perception makes for compositions that allow the viewer to meander deep, deep through a distinct route.

Atget PlaceDuTertre, 1922

Atget ViaDiParigi

Atget Quai d'Anjou, 1924


Robust Urban Infrastructure

from Corporate Corridors, the Changing Chicago Project

from Corporate Corridors, the Changing Chicago Project

We are included in and inspired by the Museum of Contemporary Photography current exhibition
Public Works, curated by Associate Director and Curator, Natasha Egan, which runs through 17 July 2011. This exhibition comes just as we embark on another season shooting for our Daycare Project.

from Daycare, Capitol Drive


No Free Lunch

from Daycare

Today Diane Ravitch discussed standardized testing and privatization of our public school system, there is a discussion about education in "A National Strategic Narrative" by Mr. Y and finally, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker read to 3rd graders, but he didn't discuss with them his proposed budget cuts to state education.